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Mirror of Grace Outreach  received  2020 EBR Prison Appreciation Award pictured  Prison Warden-Dennis Grimes, Margaret Chaney,  Mirror of Grace Founder/CEO-Patricia H. Norwood, EBR Sheriff Sid Gautreaux III

We provide community support, skills training, counseling and crisis intervention to our program participants.  Our job readiness and retention classes – resume/career development workshops and computer training program assist each participant after release with the skills needed for today’s workplace. Our Parenting Wisely Program – for all ladies and Parenting Inside Out, BRED – Baton Rouge Empowering Dads for men ages 18-25 are both evidence base programs created to give parents that are incarcerated  an alternative to effective positive communication skills.

Reducing the recidivism rate affects the entire community. Mirror of Grace Outreach considers this area of focus an important part of our vision for an improved community. Our supportive programs and services through Reentry prepare the incarcerated population for release and after into society.

We offer our returning citizens the Soft Skills and Technology training needed to become successful in the Workforce. We offer Mentoring and encouragement in Leadership, Team Building ,Winning Attitude, Time Management, Becoming a Role Model, Improving Focus, Creative Thinking, and Professional Etiquette.

A key to reducing recidivism is providing education and awareness with economic opportunities. This is an important step in assisting returning citizens to become productive members of our communities by being an example for others in the community. By implementing these educational programs that provides awareness,  opportunities, behavior development, financial and personal growth, participants may appreciate the need  and want to pursue productive and rewarding lives. If you have or know someone that is incarcerated, please encourage them to enroll in one of these program.