Mirror of Grace Outreach provided  assistance and services to 234 individuals in 2018 year programs:

Number of persons serviced                    Name of Program

91 – Parenting WiselyProviding Parents the skills to communicate without conflict.

28 – Teens in Actions – Developing real skills for real life. To avoid the risk today’s Teens face. This program is on going through the year.

12 –  Active Parents – Provide Opioid Prevention Awareness and Active Parenting classes.This program is on going through the year.

25 – YES! Youth Enrichment Summer Program-  July 23 – 27, 2018.  Our Free summer camp bridges the gap for students at the elementary and middle school level, Ages 7-12, identified as at risk.

48 – Parenting Inside-Out & Job Readiness  BRED program.  Baton Rouge Empowering Dads for incarcerated men ages 18-25.

20 – 8th Thanksgiving Prayer Breakfast/ Food Drive held Saturday, Nov. 17, 2018. Provided a full breakfast and gave a turkey and non-perishable items to twenty families throughout  the communities.

10 –Supportive Housingprovided supportive housing for                   individuals through our Reentry Program.

2019 Appreciation Award

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“Uniting Families… Building Communities” Mirror of Grace provided 124 individuals, Parenting Awareness information at our community event held, June 20, 2019.

Thank You to our sponsors and community for your outstanding support toward our efforts.

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