YES! Summer Program

Working to support, educate, and lead our youth on the path toward graduation.
Our Objective
Mirror of Grace Outreach services are designed to assist individuals and families with support in improving self-help, socialization and adaptive skills necessary to function at full potential.  Our program services are individualized according to the person’s needs, strengths, interests, skills, and goals. They are included in an individualized plan of care.
Science – Help develop student’s resourcefulness, i.e. goal setting, planning and problem solving skills. We will explore experiments that will help peek curiosity, and acquire new ways to ask questions.
Technology & Computer Training – To orient students to the world of technology and media, developing competence and awareness of the tools they need as they continue their learning process.
English &Comprehension Skills– These skills prepare our youth to be independent thinkers, skillful communicators, and lifelong learners.
Math – To provide students with a well-rounded curriculum using the best educational practices to the cultural, intellectual and social needs of the youth.
EMPOWERMENT APPROACH  We understand that many of our youth are suffering from various issues that need to be addressed. We provide a safe and secure environment allowing our youth to learn while receiving the support and skills needed to become a productive member of our community.
OUR GOAL For our youth, our goal is to assist and improve the development opportunities. Empower each child in developing a positive self-image and maintain collaboration with other professionals in the community.
STAFF AND FACILITIES We have Certified Instructors, Professional Counselors, Peer Mentors and Community Volunteers.  We provide support on the skills necessary to foster our youth full potential for growth into healthy and productive individuals.
The Youth Enrichment Summer camp helps youth by bridging the gap for students at the elementary and middle school level, focusing on academic retention so students do not lose necessary skills over summer break.

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