Counseling & Education Services

Substance Abuse Evaluation 

Behavior Modification Courses include:

Opioids Misuse Prevention

Consequences of Continuing Addictive Lifestyles

Alternatives to Addictive Behaviors

Theft Deterrence – Making Rational Choices

Anger Management

Effective Decision Making Skills

 Substance Abuse specific Courses include:                                  

Physiological effects of Alcohol

Alcohol and Recovery

Physiological Effects of Methamphetamine and Cocaine

Physiological Effects of Opioids and Club Drugs

Physiological Effects of Marijuana/synthetic Cannabis

Participants receive a Certificate of Completion/Achievement upon completion and submission of all coursework. Services provided by Licensed Counselors and Therapist.

Classes consist of initial one-on-one instruction, take home assignment, and follow-up discussion and review.  Other course offerings and curriculum may be development to address the specific needs based on the Assessment review.

If you need additional information about our counseling and educational courses, please do not hesitate to contact our office.

Counseling and Education Services

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