Board Members and Staff

Our Annual Thanksgiving Food Drive,  Pictured: Velma C. Gray, Lori A. Davis, Patricia Norwood and Leonard J. Harrel, Sr.


Board Officers

Patricia H. Norwood –Founder/ Executive Director

Lori A. Davis- President

Velma C. Gray – Secretary / Treasurer

Leonard J. Harrel, Sr. – Program Director

Board Members

Danielle Magee – EBR School Teacher

Sandra Williams – Blue Cross Blue Shield Health Care

LaToyia Smith Green – Louisiana School District

Stephanie Kellar M. Ed, CAC. – Louisiana Mental Health

Jennifer Gray- EBR School District


From the Desk of the Founder:

“In my life the one thing that has always saved me was the love of my family and friends. As I looked into the mirror I asked myself, ‘What can I do…where do I go from here?’ Having a love for all people,  and the love from a Savior,  Mirror of Grace Outreach was given to me.”   Patricia H. Norwood


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