2018 Accomplishments

Mirror of Grace Outreach provided  assistance and services to 234 individuals in the past year programs:

Number of persons serviced                    Name of Program

91 – Parenting WiselyProviding Parents the skills to communicate without conflict.

28 – Teens in Actions – Developing real skills for real life. To avoid the risk today’s Teens face. This program is on going through the year.

12 –  Active Parents – Provide Opioid Prevention Awareness and Active Parenting classes.This program is on going through the year.

25 – YES! Youth Enrichment Summer Program-  July 23 – 27, 2018.  Our Free summer camp bridges the gap for students at the elementary and middle school level, Ages 7-12, identified as at risk.

48 – Parenting Inside-Out & Job Readiness  BRED program.  Baton Rouge Empowering Dads for incarcerated men ages 18-25.

20 – 8th Thanksgiving Prayer Breakfast/ Food Drive held Saturday, Nov. 17, 2018. Provided a full breakfast and gave a turkey and non-perishable items to twenty families throughout  the communities.

10 –Supportive Housingprovided supportive housing for                   individuals through our Reentry Program.

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